I’m Moeko. A passionate, stubborn and creative soul burns within me. I’m hopeful. Visionary. Idealistic. Curious. I love capturing moments and documenting my life, to have tangible memories to look back to. I believe in the power of flowers. I trust people. Kindness, compassion and self love lie at the heart of the rollercoaster I call my life. My japanese name translates to “sprout” – I like to think it depicts perfectly the stage of life I’m in… a shoot, about to grow and finally transform into a luscious flower.

My life changed drastically these last few years of teenagehood. Flashback to a couple of years ago and I was a naïve seventeen-year-old, unaware of her worth, unaware of the power of her actions. It was veganism that turned my life around. It opened my eyes and brought awareness on the cruelty

 and nonsense that goes on in the world, allowing me to stop contributing to that. Choosing compassion taught me to be kinder towards myself, the environment and the animals. But it wasn’t only that. It taught me patience and self confidence. It taught me it’s okay not to necessarily fit

into society’s standards and follow its rules. It brought back the creativity that I had neglected for so long, and as if that wasn’t enough, it also brought many precious people into my life. I’m extremely grateful for everything I’m blessed with and for the person that I’ve become.

I created this space to give voice to my thoughts, in hopes of creating new connections with the beautiful and magical people that are out there in the world. Get in contact with me, and let’s create wonderful things together ♥