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five days in iceland


Long time no see! I’m not even going to bother you trying to explain why the hell I’ve abandoned…

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sweet potato waffles & cashew cream


Apparently, I’m obsessed with sweet potato everything lately. So I had to give sweet potato waffles a…

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caramel slice squares


“Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.” Liz Gilbert


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sweet potato mini pancakes


“Could you look an animal in the eyes and say to it, ‘My appetite is…

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MQR ↠ chocolate waffles & date chocolate sauce

BreakfastsMonthly Quick RecipesSweet


For this month’s edition of Monthly Quick Recipes, I’m sharing a super decadent chocolate waffle recipe. It’s far from…

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  • Dreaming about this messy stack of fluffy multigrain pancakes (recipe from @thefirstmess 💘) 💭 and speaking of dreams, some days off work wouldn't be too bad 😅
  • Met up with Francesca (@the_golden_hour_) last saturday for an afternoon ... brunch/late lunch/snack/early dinner? Wouldn't really know how to call it since it was 5pm! 😂 point is this was super delicious. It always warms my heart to discover new compassionate, loving and eco-friendly places - & not gonna lie, it's even better when they're insta worthy 😉🌵we had raw vegan sushi + cashew yogurt with buckwheat granola and summer fruit + fresh juices!
  • why do avocados have to be so expensive here? 💔🥑 #avotoast
  • heyooo! the heat wave here in rome is driving me nuts and I can only stand eating fresh fruit, salads and drinking ice water. heLP
  • I've been away for way too long, once again. I've actually been posting on & off on my personal account @moemuna, but I still feel pretty detached from Instagram and the whole community, which have played a pretty big role in my life during the past few years. So it's all a lil weird. I started this year with the intention to work really hard on my blog/insta but then life took an unexpected turn and for a while there was a lot of feeling lost and uncertain and hopeless. Since I was last here, I went to London for a few days with my brother Nao, turned 21, bingewatched too many shows on netflix, got lazy but I'm trying to change that, I got a new phone and finally found a pair of sunglasses that fits my huge head, and last but not least I'm making plans for a wild adventure ahead. I don't have it all figured out, but it's fine. I feel things moving forward and I'm feeling good.
  • Hi wonderful people 🎈 I'm super proud to tell you I've been featured in the latest @originmagazine ( + @thrivemags too ) along with some other talented foodies like @naturallyhealthydesserts, @curlew_and_dragonfly, @spiredbynature, @putyourheartinit, @frei_style  and the sweet @ps.ny 💕🌸 the magazine's all about self care, healthy vegan recipes, travel, yoga and health tips, plus you can find my sweet potato waffles & cashew cream recipe in there. So grateful! Read a few pages this morning while munching on some avo toast, and this afternoon I'll be teaching a vegan sushi workshop at @wave_market - this weekend's off to a blissful start! Sending good vibes your way ✨✨✨
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