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chocolate and banana popsicle magic

Frozen treatsSweet

Second recipe is yet another sweet treat. I hope you love sweets because you’ll see a lot of them here…

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recipe ebook ↠ glowing eats

News & announcements

About three months ago I released my recipe ebook Glowing Eats, something I’ve worked on with endless love and excitement…

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date, kamut and hazelnut cookies

Baked goodsSweet

The first recipe I’m going to share with you is one I love to bits. I’ve developed it almost two…

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when in rome


friday, 29th january

Vivid memories. Pure, honest emotions.

There’s some days you will never forget. Ever.

Last friday was one of those days.

I arrived…

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a rushed but honest welcome


Out of all the time I have on my hands, I decided NOW was the appropriate time to start writing on this new blog thingy of mine. I’m in my bedroom, hair in a messy bun, in my underwear only, on this unusually hot day of February. I’m eating a giant bowl of lukewarm leftover […]

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