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You might remember my friends Hanne and Eva. Their last trip here in Rome sparked so much love for the city that they decided to come back three weeks ago. This time I met up with them twice, which gave us plenty of time to connect, explore and have fun.

The pictures pretty much talk by themselves, but Rome is such an incredible and magical place. I’ve been living so close to it for the whole of my life, but surprisingly enough, I’ve only truly acknowledged its beauty these past months. Everywhere you look is a treat to your eyes. Ancient ruins. Picturesque sceneries. Buildings overlooking the streets covered in vines, leaves and flowers.

We savoured some of it by strolling along the Gianicolo hill and around the iconic piazza Navona and fontana di Trevi. We also went to Villa Borghese and rented a boat to row which turned out to be Eva’s highlight of the trip!

Hanne put together a short but sweet video showing our adventures, in addition to a blog post about some of the highlights of her trip and I highly suggest you to check both of them out ♥︎

For anyone who’s interested in knowing where we ate the vegan good you see in the pictures, here’s a quick list for you:

  • Vegan burgers (tempeh & artichoke cream + tofu, pumpkin & radicchio) from Bio’s Cafe
  • Vegan gelato & crepes from CamBio Vita
  • Vegan buffet at Ops!

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  1. Maria says:

    Hey Moeko or shall I called you Moky!! 😉

    I am a spanish fan of yours and I will be in Rome next week from Monday the 21 till Saturday 26 and I would love if you can recommend me places to go, eat, visits.. etc I am not fully vegan but I eat very healthy. I also have a website and instagram @mariabejar (my personal one ) or @marias.kitchen the one that I post my stuff.

    It would be great if you can help me with this, and even greater if you want to join me and my friend for a day and we get to know you.


    Maria 🙂

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