“lazy” granola & green matcha smoothie

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This is for when the sloth side of yourself creeps in but you still need to eat something decent to wake up… Just a handful of ingredients required, and no more than five minutes to make – I promise. Simple things really are the way to go sometimes. Despite the simplicity of this recipe, this granola is one of the best I’ve ever tasted!

Sleepyheads unite 🙂

"lazy" stovetop granola

yields 1½ cup

½ cup rolled oats

¼ cup pure maple syrup

½ cup mixed seeds*

¼ cup almonds

¼ cup coconut chips

* I used a mix of pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and flax seeds

Heat a non-stick pan on medium heat and chop the almonds in the meantime. Add the oats, almonds and coconut chips in the pan, then stir in the maple syrup. Make sure the syrup covers all the oats evenly by stirring well. Cook for a couple of minutes, then add the seeds to the pan and cook for another two minutes, or until both the oats and nuts are golden and fragrant. Transfer the granola in a bowl, let it cool and then store it in an air-tight container or glass jar.

green matcha smoothie

yields approx. 1 cup of cream

2 frozen bananas

3 tbsp full-fat coconut milk

2 tbsp Yoursuperfoods’ Power Matcha mix (or 2 tsp of matcha powder)

¼ cup water

a handful of ice cubes

Chop the frozen bananas and add them to a powerful blender, along with coconut milk, the matcha powder, water and ice cubes. Blend on high speed for one minute or until thoroughly combined.

Serve in a bowl with some granola, blueberries a drizzle of coconut milk.

Hope you enjoy ♥

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