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Hey! It’s been a while.

The past month flew away in the blink of an eye. It was an intense one, filled with unexpected adventures, a little stress, many thoughts. Technically, I did have plenty of time to write down a few posts along the way. I just… couldn’t let out my feelings. I struggle with finding the right words to express myself. You see, communicating is essential. Everyday, we connect with others. It comes easy to a lot of people. But not to me, and I’m sure – or at least I hope, plenty of other people are in my shoes too. Some days in particular, I’d completely shut myself off from the whole entire world, if I could. What I’d do to spend some quiet time alone doing things I love on those days, like reading, cooking, going for walks and admiring nature’s beauty. Just disconnecting from the rest of the world, you know? I’ve been feeling like that for the past two weeks, but  considering I had to deal with dozens and dozens (I’d say hundreds??) of people at work, you might imagine why writing on my blog wasn’t the first thing on my list when I had some free time. I consider writing very therapeutic, and dare I say, even essential in order to process life experiences and intense moments – that’s, in fact, why I’m planning on making up for the absence by documenting last month’s adventures in the next few days. But, it’s only helpful and pleasing when done well i.e. not in a rush, and most importantly, when you feel like it. Only when you feel like it. All I felt like doing was escaping – from people… and responsibilities.

(A not-so-little off topic: I didn’t even tell you about my new job! I’ve been working at the airport as a check-in and boarding agent for Alitalia since the 1st of March. It’s demanding, unlike anything I’d ever expected, and fun. But I’ll tell you more about it in the future)

Every single day (I repeat every single day), the thought of updating my blog haunted me, so I tried writing down something, but I just couldn’t. I wanted to be able to tell beautiful stories, I wanted intricate and delightful words to accompany my pictures. I fell into the terrible pit of comparison and self-destruction, and was stuck. “Why can’t I tell poems through my words? Will I ever be able to speak my mind?”

Those beautiful words never came, but at one point I realised I don’t have to do all of this. I don’t have to regularly update my blog. I don’t have to force my writing. I don’t have to be perfect. I don’t have stress over something that is supposed to make me happy. I don’t have to be, or do, or make anything.

I just need to be me, do what I enjoy, express myself the way I know. Which is mostly a visual expression.

So here’s a bunch of pictures of I took on the 15th of April. My aunt Annamaria and I escaped Rome for a crazy one-day adventure to Milan. 12 hours of driving. According to my iPhone, I walked 22km. I went to a Symbolism exhibition at Palazzo Reale, left my aunt who had a meet up with her favourite singer, found myself in a Sant’Ambrogio Church courtyard filled with flowers, basically explored the whole of Milan in one day thanks to my friend Ross and Pietro, ate delicious vegan burgers and ended the day by helplessly and anxiously running around the city until 11pm to find my aunt. It was hectic. I hadn’t slept the night before after going out with friends, and I barely slept while aunt was driving back home. Arrived at 5am, went almost straight to work at 6.30am. Hectic, again. But I loved it.

Milan Cathedral

That week was Milan’s Design Week / Fuori Salone, and various events popped out every neighborhood you walked around. One called Flora et Decora was hosted in Sant’Ambrogio church, and it was based around artisanal products, food and plants. The courtyard was filled to the brim with flowers and plants of all kinds and it was a dream.

flora et decora

pressed flowers art

flowers, everywhere

aquilegia, a new found love

Right after smelling and photographing countless plants, I met up with my friends who brought me to a lovely area of Milan called Brera. Busy streets and various design-related events.

hey, look up!

I saw wisteria everywhere which made my day. It’s my absolute favourite plant, ever.


botanical garden of brera

After going inside Brera’s Art Gallery (Pinacoteca di Brera), we followed signs leading to the Botanical Garden of Brera, as if I didn’t see enough plants for the day…

pietro & rossella

vegan burger at flower burger

Last, but definitely not least, we ate burgers and chips at a 100% vegan place called Flower Burger (which I have to say is appropriate considering the theme of this post – can’t complain, I live for flowers). There were six different burgers to choose from, and I got the Cheesy Cecio, with charcoal bun, chickpea burger, lettuce, tomato, herby cheeze and tartar sauce. Erm YES. You need that in your life.

And that’s all. I unexpectedly wrote much more than I thought I would… it was good to let it out, no matter how badly or well these words will convey what I want to. I hope this’ll share a tiny bit of the fun I had, and maybe give you some tips if you’re ever going to visit Milan.

Moeko ♥

Moeko Munaretto

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