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February 7, 2016 / By / 5 Comments

About three months ago I released my recipe ebook Glowing Eats, something I’ve worked on with endless love and excitement from beginning to end. It was an experience of self growth and discovery that challenged me all throughout, and I’m so proud of the outcome. The main reason I took up this project was to SHARE. To share my favorite recipes, to share my creativity, to share a part of me, to create a connection with you on a much more deeper level. I received a lot of positive feedback from my friends and some of you, for which I’m incredibly happy and grateful.

On the other hand, I feel like I haven’t reached the level of connection I was hoping for yet.

And I’m quite sure the obstacle that was getting in the way was the cost of the ebook. I had spent hours thinking about a reasonable and appropriate price I could set, considering all the effort I had put in it, all the hours spent and so on, and finally I decided for €8, although still not confident about that choice. Soon after I released it, I watched Amanda Palmer’s TED talk on ‘the art of asking’. Mind-boggling.

Amanda’s words put everything into perspective and I knew straight away what I had to do. Which is giving away my ebook for free, while still asking for some help. I highly suggest you to watch the video to understand my stance on this.

So that’s what I chose to do. And I’ll explain to you why. As mentioned before, I created Glowing Eats for all of you to enjoy. I wanted YOU all to have something I was so proud of. What I didn’t realize was that asking for that amount of money in exchange for a digital product you might not even like was… kind of pointless. I myself am very doubtful when it comes to buying ebooks and apps that I don’t know much about and therefore I might not enjoy. What I like instead, is supporting artists and creators who pour their love and thought into their work and with whom I feel a connection. Therefore, it only makes sense for me to give you Glowing Eats for free. Download it, enjoy it, give me constructive feedback. You’ve got nothing to lose. If you don’t like it, fine – you haven’t wasted any money. If you appreciate it, if you feel like it’s worth something and you wanted to pay x amount of money, then I’d be forever thankful to you. Actually, I’d be even if you only gave me some feedback or sent me a virtual hug. I highly believe in this choice I’ve made, because it gives YOU the opportunity to give back what you think is appropriate and gives ME the liberating chance to do things the right way. I realize this is a very unconventional thing to do – but who likes normal anyway?

ASKING so openly makes me feel vulnerable and weird, but I sure do believe in the value of arts and creative works, mine included. Receiving conscious offers instead of being paid a set amount of money is, to my judgement, the fairest thing I could possibly do.

Get the ebook for free by clicking the button below. If you want to support me, come back and click the button again. On the download page, set the price you prefer in the tiny rectangular box next to “item price”. You can download the ebook via Paypal, using your Paypal account or simply your credit/debit card information.

An alternative option is Payhip. Click the button below and you will be able to download the ebook for free and/or choose the price you want to pay.


A heartfelt THANK YOU,



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  1. Bethan says:

    Hi, so i put in my paypal account etc and it confirmed payment but now how do i see the ebook? i can’t seem to find it

    Bethan, UK

  2. Jesica Yu says:

    Moeko I just stumbled upon your blog after watching plant based judy’s video. The recipe looked stunning. I came to your blog to look for vegan recipes, because I just love baking and if it doesn’t involve animal’s suffering, it’s 1000 times better. Throughout these past few months it seemed that everybody was writing ebooks, and I would always be a little sad because I’m not in the position right now to pay for them. I was shocked that you were giving your ebook for free. I just downloaded it and it’s beautiful. I also love art and I must say that the watercolour drawing and photography is amazing. Your explanation as to why the ebook is free and the video really opened up my mind and perspective. Thank you so much for setting such a great example. I would have found it impossible for an ebook of yours’ quality to be free, yet the fact that “Glowing Eats” is, says so much about both you as a person and mindset. I must admit that this blog post has impacted me in a way that no other blog post has, and I’m truly thankful for that. I’ll strive to have the mentality that you have and maybe someday I’ll be able to do the same; ask for help. Much love from Buenos Aires, xxx

    • Moeko Munaretto says:

      Jessica, thank YOU for leaving these sweet words and for appreciating and understanding why I did this! You and others’ support is what makes this all worth it 🙂
      P.s: I’ve no idea why I’ve only just read your comment now… I’m super sorry!

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